Kansas Jayhawks talent Billy Preston isn’t allowed to play basketball at the moment because the university is waiting on details in regard to a car he was using that crashed.

Apparently, at least in the eyes of those tasked with overseeing unpaid labor, the car was too nice.

This has resulted in plenty of conjecture on social media and people speculating that Preston did something nefarious to get such a nice car. In turn, his mother, Nicole Player, went off on Twitter.

“I’m tired of being quiet,” Player tweeted Tuesday night. “I’m sick of watching people bash my child but if he suited up tomorrow he’d be the next coming of Jesus Christ to you guys. Enough is enough. Be a fan, be supportive, be empathetic or just be quiet until the NCAA does what they have to do.”

She isn’t entirely wrong, although, the fringe comparison to the world’s most famous carpenter seems a bit too much. The same folk who are going in on the kid now, would likely be pumped out of their minds when/if he gets back on the hardwood.

If one Jesus-ish reference wasn’t enough, Player also said she and Preston have felt “persecuted” throughout the investigation. She would then mention possibly sending him overseas to play.

“If I had anything to [hide], I could’ve pulled him in November,” Player tweeted. “This is taxing and stressful. But he’s there, being supportive. He hasn’t bailed on his team. He’s cheering and coaching [and] doing all he can.”

Preston was a five-star recruit coming out of high school.

This story is, obviously, still developing.

Kansas player’s mom compares him to Jesus, tells critics to stay silent Jamie Squire/Getty Images
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