Louisville announced on Wednesday that five-star recruit Brian Bowen will not be allowed to play basketball at any point in the future for the university as a result of a federal investigation into corrupt recruiting practices.

As it turns out, Bowen found out his career at Louisville was over pretty much the same way everyone else did — through Twitter.

Federal documents stated that Adidas allegedly funneled $100,000 to an unnamed player — later identified as Bowen — to sign with Louisville. The school conducted an internal investigation in order to reinstate Bowen but Wednesday’s announcement indicates the school will instead move on from the 6-foot-7 small forward.

The school said in the release that they will issue Bowen written permission to seek contact from another school if he chooses to transfer. He was initially suspended by the university in October after the FBI named him in its investigation. A lawyer for Bowen said the alleged funds from Adidas went to Bowen’s father and that his client was not privy to them.

If Bowen’s lawyer is to be believed, it doesn’t reflect well on the university that they had no communication with Bowen to inform him of their decision. It’s clear that the school is in a transition phase from the alleged recruiting corruption and is looking to distance themselves from those involved but this is a bad look.

Five-star recruit Brian Bowen found out in the worst way possible that his career at Louisville was over Tim Clayton-Corbis/Getty Images

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