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Charles Barkley talks pro hoops on the set of TNT's award-winning "Inside the NBA." (Getty)

Charles Barkley On 'Losers' Who Watched Eclipse: 'We've All Seen Darkness Before'

Charles Barkley is never afraid to share his views on not just basketball, but major events in general. So not surprisingly, Barkley offered his two cents on the solar eclipse that dominated the conversation across the U.S. on April 8.

And let's just say Barkley wasn't impressed.

"Were ya'll some of them losers standing outside watching [the eclipse] today?" he asked on the set of the NCAA championship game studio.

Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg and Jay Wright were all on the same set.

"They're not losers," Johnson responded.

"Yes they are," Barkley insisted. "Hey, we've all seen darkness before. Stop it."

Johnson and the others laughed and playfully made it clear they'd heard enough.

"Come on, Chuckster," Johnson said. "Don't hate on the eclipse."

Again, Barkley never has any qualms about sharing his opinions. He's made a lot of money but saying exactly what he feels. That includes both during and after his legendary playing career.

Believe it or not, a lot of people seem to agree with Barkley on this one. The hype over the eclipse was dumb, they say.

"So it's dark for a few minutes during the day. Big deal," wrote David Hookstead of Outkick. "Are you not used to the dark? Not only that, the eclipse Monday was nothing compared to the 2017 one.

"I lived through both, and I hardly even knew anything was happening yesterday. Now, if it's your first eclipse, I understand the excitement. However, it's just not that interesting after that. Once you get one under your belt, the rest are pretty pointless."

Basically, the eclipse was indeed cool. But yes, the buzz was a little over the top. OK, maybe really over the top. It doesn't make you a loser if you enjoyed it. It just makes you curious.

Nonetheless, Barkley is right. All it turned out to be was about three minutes of darkness. What's so great about that?