Coach Cal is staying in Lexington forever and wants to break this record

He wants how many titles?!?!?

There's no way anyone can accuse Kentucky head coach John Calipari of not being ambitious. He expects greatness from his team every year and most of the time, he gets it. Since Calipari has been at Kentucky there has only been one season that resulted in a non-NCAA Tournament postseason and he has won a title in 2012 thanks to the help of Anthony Davis.

Calipari wants to take Kentucky to historic levels though by winning more national championships than the UCLA Bruins who have 11 thanks to that magical run in the 1960s and 70s where they won nine out of ten years and seven in a row. Kentucky currently has eight titles to its name so the Cats would need four more to make it happen.

Calipari thinks it's possible and says he will be the coach at Kentucky when it happens because he is not leaving any time soon and intends to live out the rest of his career in Lexington. "My plan is to coach here for the rest of my career," the 57-year-old Calipari wrote. "I want this to be my final coaching position."

He also talked about how he wants Rupp Arena to be an even better arena and expects a better environment and atmosphere from the fans. He said he wants it to be "the preeminent home-court advantage in basketball." Calipari continued: "Since I've gotten here, little has changed in the game-day atmosphere of that historical gym."

He wouldn't say if the arena was going to get some upgrades, but he still expects the home court to give his team a huge advantage.