Confirmed: Coach K lied about exchange with Oregon's Brooks

There's the smoking gun!

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It was bad enough that Grayson Allen totally blew off Oregon's Dillon Brooks in the handshake line after Duke's loss to Oregon, but we also saw Coach K deny having an exchange with Brooks after the game as well. Before the Sweet 16 games Friday night, CBS aired some of the audio caught in the exchange and Coach K is caught telling Brooks exactly what he said he didn't say.

In case you couldn't quite catch the audio, the closed captioning read like the following.

Krzyzewski: "You're too good of a player to do that."
Brooks: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry."
Krzyzewski: "Too good of a player."
Brooks: "My bad."

You got exposed, Coach K. There's no getting around that one. Take this one on the chin and own up to it.