Couch burning cakes are all the rage in Lexington

Remember the burning couch incident in Lexington? It seems that bakeries in Lexington were actually prepared for it as they made some cakes to commemorate the event.

The Whole Foods in Lexington started the craze and local station WKYT got the explanation:

"Every time the phone rings, the bakery sort of cringes a little bit," said Lindsay Bruner, with Whole Foods Lexington. To keep up with demand, employees are coming in on their days off to ice cakes bearing Kentucky blue and flames to replicate that time-honored tradition every UK fan knows- couch burning. Barbara McNeal, of Lexington, bought three cakes. One is for her daughter and two are for co-workers. "I don't know what it is with burning a couch and winning a ball game," said McNeal. "But, that's what they want to do."

I think Ms. McNeal might be on to something here.