UConn Coach Dan Hurley looks on with a shocked expression a
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Dan Hurley: Wife Got Emotional, Angry When He Agreed To Visit Lakers

The media circus surrounding UConn coach Dan Hurley when he spoke to the Los Angeles Lakers did him no favors with his boss. And by "boss," we mean his "wife."

Hurley visited LA to talk to the Lakers about their coaching vacancy, before ultimately turning them away and agreeing to return to the Huskies. But there was some massive buzz before that, and Hurley said wife Andrea became "violently angry" over the whole thing.

"She was like crying in the beginning," Hurley said during an appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on Thursday. "I think initially, the first couple days of it, she got violently angry and emotional, not like hitting me and stuff... she got emotional like, 'I can't believe you're bringing this. Our life is so great... it's perfect. Our lives couldn't be better and now you're bringing this s-t.

Hurley added: "So, she was bad in the beginning but then she warmed up to it when we got out there and she met [Lakers GM] Rob [Pelinka] and she met Jeanie [Buss] and felt the weather. We drove around Manhattan Beach and just met the people mostly. And she saw the vision of it. She was into it.

"But then when we got back to Connecticut without having made a decision and we got back home and we both flipped back [to UConn]."

Hurley, 51, has led the Huskies back-to-back national titles. Despite what he's saying publicly, most knew he wasn't leaving for a lousy NBA job with an aging star in LeBron James.