Game delayed due to bats
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College Basketball Game Delayed After Bat Invasion

During the second half of the Sacramento State and Nevada men's basketball game Tuesday, the contest came to a brief stop when bats invaded the arena.

Sacramento State was getting ready to inbound the ball down 63-56 with 5:40 to go in the game when several players began practicing their dodge ability to prevent the bats from hitting them.

"And now the game has stopped as some bats are swarming the floor," one of the broadcasters said.

"Boy, there's a lot of 'em right now," the other said, adding, "Holy mackerel" to his analysis of the situation.

In the clip above, you can see several bats darting around. It's hard to determine just how many there were, but at least a few were seen flying about.

Not only did Nevada Sports Net provide the video here, but it also made a graphic for San Antonio Spurs former star Manu Ginobili, asking if anyone had his number to help combat the bats.

If you'll recall, on Halloween night in 2009, the Spurs were, funny enough, taking on the Sacramento Kings.

Instead of trying to avoid a bat, Ginobili swatted it out of mid-air, sending it to the court's floor. As expected, PETA wasn't happy with Ginobili's actions, but it was likely a lot more pleased with how Sacramento State and Nevada handled their situation.

In terms of the exact number, Nevada Sports Net estimated "7-10." Yikes.

Of course, the internet — specifically, users on X — had fun with this.

One user shared the video above, featuring TNT analyst Charles Barkley shouting, "Ginobili!"

In this context, there's no better meme.

Others shared Batman memes and requested that a call be put in to Ginobili.

Bats aside, Nevada won the game 77-63 and improved to 2-0. Jarod Lucas led the way with 18 points, four rebounds and four assists while logging 35 minutes.

The Wolf Pack will take on Washington on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET.

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