Despite incredible title game, ratings were underwhelming and we all know the reason why

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The National Championship Game between Villanova and UNC was everything you hope for in a title game. It was close most of the game, there were comebacks by both teams and there were two incredible shots at the end. However, there was one major problem with the game and that was the ratings.

For such an incredible game, the overnight ratings didn’t exactly reflect that according to this metric.

Everyone knows why the ratings were down and people even knew ahead of time that the ratings might sink to abnormal lows. It’s because the game was broadcast on TBS, which is not a cable station. That means less eyeballs could watch the game on television and so this incredible game that will surely never be forgotten will go down as a television disappointment.

TNT and TruTV were the stations that featured the homer “Team Stream” broadcasts of the game, but both of those stations are also not found on basic cable. Maybe now CBS won’t decide to “throw a bone” TBS’ way and broadcast the game like it should have in the first place.

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