Did Rick Pitino flip the bird to Kentucky fans?

The rivalry runs deep between Kentucky and Louisville basketball. Rick Pitino has been on both sides of it, more recently as head coach of the Louisville Cardinals. His team lost for the eighth time in the last nine tries by a 75-73 score against Kentucky so he was understandably upset.

However, it looks like he might have let the bird out of the cage on his way out of Rupp Arena as well. Someone yelled "One and done" at him and he responded in not so kind a fashion.

And there was some controversy as to whether there was actually a finger flip or not.

Not a good look for the coach either way. He staunchly denies flipping the bird though.

Pitino told ESPN.com via text message, "No I didn't flip off the fans. I was in the tunnel. People were yelling ugly crude things that I didn't like. The 1-8 comment [Pitino's record against Kentucky coach John Calipari] was fine. But the other comments I didn't like.''