DJ Burns Loses 45 Pounds Ahead Of NBA Draft

DJ Burns got notoriety during this year's NCAA March Madness Tournament, where he helped lead NC State to a Final Four appearance.

After being 275 pounds during the season, Burns reportedly has lost 45 Lbs leading up to the draft this next month in June.

Throughout the NCAA tournament, the 23-year-old averaged 16.2 points, 4.2 rebounds, 3.6 assists with 62.5 FG%. Burns also won ACC tourney MVP, and after five college seasons has declared for the 2024 NBA Draft. That is to say, Burns is making the most of his opportunities, despite being projected as "undrafted" in the experts' mock drafts, he is certainly giving himself a chance with his new body transformation.

Shams stated on FanDuel Tv's Run It Back show, that the big man claims he has not used any weight loss or dieting pills, but instead Burns credits exercise to helping him burn the fat, as he trimmed down 15% of his weight in the past month and a half.

Burns, who had a lot of people talking about his size and weight, went from looking like a NFL defensive tackle to a 6'9" burly build NBA power forward in less than two months. Seeing that, NBA organizations at the very least have to be enamored with the big man's discipline and determination.

In what will be an amazing story, if the draft prospect's hard work pays off, as he will hope to hear his name called on stage at the Barclay's Center, June 26-27.