Duke fans follow tradition by burning benches after big win

Ever since 1990, Duke has had a tradition of setting up a bonfire for after the National Championship. They always light it up after the game whether they've won or lost. Thanks to a win this year against Wisconsin, the Crazy Camerons had an especially delightful bonfire. According to Amy McDonald of The Devil's Tale, this is how the tradition started:

According to the records, Duke's bonfire and bench-burning tradition began in 1986, when there was a large screen set up on the quad for students to watch the NCAA final game between Duke and Louisville. Duke lost, and a few angry spectators reacted with assaults and vandalism. The Police Department was unprepared for such a result, but learned from the experience. During the 1990 tournament, the Police Department opted for a more controlled option of a large screen in Cameron for the Duke vs. UNLV game, with a Duke ID card required to enter. They also sponsored a bonfire in the Card Gym parking lot—with no idea this would set the precedent for a beloved tradition.

So check out the tradition in action:

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That bench fire!!!! That celebration with every one of us!!!!

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