First Take hostess commits worst college basketball sin you can imagine

Those two guys do not look anything like each other either!

It's fairly common to confuse coaches in college basketball considering how many there are and that there's some with the same last names. Utah's Coach K (Krystkowiak) and Duke's Coach K (Krzyzewski) come to mind and that's why they're only known as "Coach K" rather than their entire last name.

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However, when you are ESPN's First Take show and you advertise that you are going to have Kentucky coach John Calipari on your show you probably shouldn't start the show by calling him Coach K, a guy he may very well have a feud with right now.

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Hostess Molly Qerim better watch those Freudian slips or she may not get to talk to Coach Cal the rest of the show! Fortunately, Cal only gave her a small ribbing before getting to the rest of the questions and Stephen A. Smith's inevitable rantings.


[h/t CollegeSpun]