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Following death penalty comments, UNC’s Roy Williams goes nuclear

Yep, Roy Williams did call a university president that.


Roy Williams just won his third national championship at North Carolina, but he didn't spend as much time discussing the Tar Heels' championship run during a recent appearance on SiriusXM radio.

Instead, Williams responded to comments from University of Maryland president Wallace Loh, who claimed UNC should receive the death penalty due to academic fraud allegations.

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Williams said people have questioned his integrity, and he called out Loh for his comments about his university.

"And then we have a president that says we should get the death penalty," Williams said. "A president of another university. I mean, to me, that's just so silly. A guy told me one time, 'You can get a little knowledge and it turns you into an idiot, but no knowledge, you're a double idiot.' And that's about the way I look at that thing."

Here's the full interview with Williams:

The NCAA still hasn't made a decision on how to punish UNC for the academic fraud claims, which go back over a decade. The claims included that some athletes earned grades and took classes that didn't exist or were easier than most classes.

There's no timeframe for a decision for the NCAA, but for now, the Tar Heels can enjoy their third national title since 2005 under Williams.

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