Gary Trent Jr. says he's 'planning on' package deal with two other five-stars

That would certainly shift the balance of power in that conference.

Gary Trent Jr. is rated as the top shooting guard in the class of 2017 by ESPN and is hoping to team up with more like-rated individuals when he goes to college. The 6'5", 200-pound shooter is good friends with Wendell Carter (the No. 1 power forward in the class) and Mohamed Bamba (the No. 2 power forward in the class) and he says that he wants to team up with them in college and that they could be a "package deal."

"I talked to Wendell about a lot of schools. We talked about...Duke was one of them. We're still planning on that package deal."

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When asked about what it would mean to attend school together, Trent Jr. described something like a basketball utopia.

"We all know each other. We all spent a lot of time with each other the last two summers. We know each other's games and what each other can do and can't do."

He also said that location wouldn't play a role in where he goes to school in 2017. When asked what he likes about Kentucky and Duke he said both programs have legendary coaches and that it doesn't get better than those two. They have great players and they get them to the NBA.

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If one school can get all three of those guys on its campus then it will have hit the ultimate recruiting jackpot.