Here’s what fans texted the most during the Tourney and Duke is definitely the top subject

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Interactive mobile messaging app, Blend, analyzes how Millennials group text. They compiled data from over 200,000 users throughout the course of the tournament to figure out what people talked about the most. Here were the top four categories used to measure what people were talking about:

  • The top 5 emojis used during the tournament
  • The top 3 games mentioned during the tournament
  • The most talked about player and teams
  • The most popular basketball ?bet? during the tournament

Here’s all of the information put into a nice and tidy graph:

NCAA text data

And that is a whole lot of Duke hate. I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised after the whole Coach K-Oregon incident and the apology and then the lie about what he did or didn’t say to Dillon Brooks. Maybe the Blue Devils can reverse their fortunes next year when they get back to the Tourney.

[h/t Bro Bible]

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