BLOOMINGTON, IN - MARCH 6: Yogi Ferrell #11 of the Indiana Hoosiers addresses fans on senior day following the game against the Maryland Terrapins at Assembly Hall on March 6, 2016 in Bloomington, Indiana. Indiana defeated Maryland 80-62. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Indiana releases error-riddled tweet, completely forgets that UK and UCLA exist


Indiana is historically very good at basketball and has been getting back to the top of the basketball ranks under coach Tom Crean. However, they haven't gotten so good that they should be making claims they can't back up. The Indiana basketball team released this tweet about a week ago and it just riddled with errors.

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The only thing that's right about that tweet is that the Hoosiers do have the most Big Ten titles as they are tied with Purdue. However, it seems they forgot a rather large chunk of college basketball history.

They seemed to ignore the fact that not only does UCLA have 11 national titles, but they only have five themselves. That seems like a pretty big discrepancy to forget. Not to mention that Kentucky also has eight titles and Indiana is tied with UNC and Duke for third in that regard. As far as NBA Draft picks go, that is not even close with the Wildcats owning that category with 119 players going in the draft. UCLA is also second in that category with Indiana third.


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If you look closely enough it actually says "Best in the B1G" in the middle of the tweet, but the words never appeared in the tweet itself so Indiana conveniently says it meant to stretch it across the whole picture so more people would see it. And with plenty of characters to spare in the tweet, why not give a #BestInTheB1G or something? Seems like the Hoosiers were being misleading on purpose if you ask me.


[h/t Kentucky Sports Radio]