Kentucky just did this for the first time in three years

There were some close schools though!

Kentucky hasn't won a national title in basketball since 2012 with the Anthony Davis-led squad, but did win a different title more recently. In 2013 the team won the attendance title for averaging the most people at their home games. The Wildcats just did that again this year by drawing 23,361 fans per game for the 2015-16 season.

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That was a big enough gap over second-place Syracuse that Kentucky brought in a total of 30,000 more fans on the season than the Orange did despite playing two fewer home games. The Orange led the country in attendance the last two seasons before this one. Louisville was the only other team to average over 20,000 fans per home game.

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The top five were rounded out by UNC and Maryland, whose attendance jumped by over 5,000 fans from the previous season. Wisconsin, Indiana, N.C. State, Kansas and Creighton rounded out the top ten. You might wonder why Duke isn't high on the list, but you have to remember that Cameron Indoor only fits 9,314 fans and they fill that for almost every game.