Louisville's Chris Jones benched for flopping

Louisville coach Rick Pitino decided it was time to teach a lesson; flopping is bad. He benched starting guard Chris Jones for this incredibly blatant and awful flop:

As you can see, Kentucky's Dakari Johnson wasn't even close to touching Jones and so Pitino thought Jones could learn his lesson against a lesser team like Long Beach State. Pitino also made it clear that playing the game in such a manner is unacceptable.

"I didn't start Chris, not because of his shooting percentages, I didn't start him because of the flop issue. I was very upset at that. We don't do that type of thing. And then to fake it with the jaw like you got hit. You can't fake it. In junior college you do it. But you can't fake it. It's on TV. You can't fake those things. So I told him, you're not playing because of that. That's something Louisville guys don't do. But he was the best cheerleader on the bench and he did a great job with the guys."

Louisville beat LBSU 63-48 and will open ACC play against Wake Forest in Winston-Salem, N.C.