Coach K believes controversial NCAA rule should be eliminated ESPN screenshot

Perhaps one of the most controversial rules in college basketball in recent memory has been the ‘One-and-Done’ rule. In short, the so-called rule set by the NBA requires players be one year removed from high school basketball in order to be eligible for the NBA draft.

Some believe players should have the opportunity to enter the NBA draft straight out of high school, while others feel as though players need at least one year in college in order to become more mature and to continue to develop their basketball skills.

Speaking on First Take on Wednesday, Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski feels as though players should have the opportunity to enter the NBA draft directly from high school.

“We have to keep up with what happens with the youngster before we get him and then we should question whether we should get him or not or if they should be allowed to go right out of high school, which I believe they should be able to go right out of high school. If they go to college, I think they should be able to leave at any time and not put a restriction on them of one, two or three years.”

Krzyzewski has been a strong proponent of eliminating the one-and-done rule in recent memory. He has called upon the NBA to eliminate this so-called rule in favor of allowing players to decide where they’d like to play.

Over the years, Krzyzewski has had his fair share of one-and-done players. He has coached the likes of Kyrie Irving, Jahlil Okafor, Justise Winslow and Jayson Tatum that all opted for the NBA draft after just one season at Duke.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has stated in the past that he would like to raise the minimum age requirement in the league from 19 to 20. The Players’ Association has endorsed a rule in which players would have the ability to enter the draft out of high school, but if they decided to attend college, they’d be required to do so for at least two years.


For the time being, the one-and-done rule will remain the same, but expect to see the conversation revisited in the near future.

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