Former five-star Mitchell Robinson's troubles continue with latest drama in the saga

This just won't end.

Western Kentucky has had some issues with its top ranked recruit Mitchell Robinson the last couple of weeks and it seems things have come to an impasse. Robinson refused to show up to practice at one point this week and now instead of heading overseas or to another team he has been suspended, per coach Rick Stansbury.

The 7-foot Robinson was the No. 10 recruit in the class of 2017 and it was thought to be good to be true for WKU to land a kid like him. It seems that line of thinking might have been right as he came to play for his godfather Shammond Williams who recently left the program.

Robinson has already left campus and definitely won't be joining the team on its exhibition trip to Costa Rica. The big man had left campus last week so that's where the "violation of team rules" undoubtedly stems from as well as an unwillingness to cooperate with his coach at all.