Rick Pitino went after UNC fan before halftime, calls him 'coward' afterward


Rick Pitino has been known as a bit of a hot head at times and he exhibited that trait in full going into halftime of his team's game against UNC on Wednesday. Apparently a fan told him he sucked and he flew off the handle and had to be restrained by several of his assistants going into the tunnel to the locker room. Here's the explanation from ESPN on what exactly happened:

Apparently that wasn't the end of it though as Pitino then went on to call the fan a "coward" in his postgame press conference.

Even Roy Williams condemned the fan to a degree:

But in all honesty, if you're the coach of a top team like Louisville and fans aren't yelling at you that "you suck" then you're really not doing your job. The fans are there to get under the opposing team's skin and it seemed to work against Pitino who really should be taking that as a compliment.


[h/t The Spun]