Roy Williams reaffirms commitment to UNC

Good for Roy!

North Carolina head coach Roy Williams took exception to the fact that some people thought he might retire after this season amid an NCAA investigation and his vertigo-related issues. He reaffirmed his commitment to the school in his weekly press conference on Tuesday.

"When I leave, I want it to be in good shape. And for me, this would have been a very hard time to leave," said the coach.

The 65-year old is not happy with the amount of adversity the NCAA has thrown his way.

"Think about what we've had to do the last three or four years here. We've had to put up with more stuff — more negative recruiting — than at any time in my career or at any time in any other coach's career that I ever talked to.

"So I'm thinking, that's just something else that now we've got to answer to."

Williams has never set a firm date for retirement and that his fire only burning stronger because of the NCAA investigation and people who are concerned about his health. The Tar Heels take on the N.C. State Wolfpack tonight in Raleigh.