Some UNC fans are so upset with the title game they started a petition to change the outcome

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Some fans are bitter after losses, especially after close ones. Well, it doesn’t get much more bitter than a UNC fan after the kind of loss the Tar Heels suffered in the National Championship game against Villanova. UNC got beat on a Kris Jenkins buzzer-beater and there was one fan who was so upset about it he decided to create a petition to get the outcome of the game changed.

This guy believes that the officiating of the game was horrible all night and that his boys pretty much cheated out of a title. Some people clearly handle losses better than others.

Here is the petition and it looks like it might actually get the 500 signatures needed to go in front of the NCAA.

Title game petition

This might end up in front of the NCAA, but there’s just no way it gets overturned. That would be admitting to the public that the NCAA doesn’t employ good referees. That and it would set a completely terrible precedent for future games that wouldn’t be poorly officiated.

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