The NCAA has levied the mother of all sanctions against this college coach who took cheating to a whole new level

Southern Mississippi’s self-imposed two-year postseason ban was accepted by the NCAA, but wasn’t quite enough as the NCAA has dropped the hammer on the program for rules infractions that incurred during former head basketball coach Donnie Tyndall’s tenure.

Tyndall himself has been hit with a 10-year “show-cause” penalty for the violations, which the NCAA said includes “directing his staff to get recruits eligible to play by doing their coursework for them, using a fabricated document to cover up questionable financial transactions and trying to hide potential evidence,” according to ESPN.

The school is currently under probation until 2020 and will lose four more uscholarships over the next three seasons.

The “show-cause” penalty has the ability to follow Tyndall wherever he goes, if a school decides to hire him. Tyndall spent a short time with the Tennessee Volunteers before being fired once Southern Miss’ infractions came to light.

The penalty will be appealed.

The 47-page report released by the NCAA states Tyndall was a part of Southern Miss just six weeks before he started breaking the rules to help land prospects.

From ESPN:

He “directed members of his staff to complete fraudulent coursework for seven prospects so they could be immediately eligible to compete,” the NCAA said. Three staff members were told to “travel to two-year colleges” to complete the coursework.

The NCAA said Tyndall “acted unethically and failed to promote an atmosphere for compliance when he directed his staff to engage in academic misconduct.”

[h/t ESPN]

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