The situation between a Fox Sports personality and LaVar Ball just took a nasty turn


This is absolutely disgusting.

Kristine Leahy, a host on Fox Sports 1, says she's received death threats following a contentious, on-air appearance with LeVar Ball -- and she says enough is enough.

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It all started Wednesday when Ball went on FS1's Colin Cowherd's radio show 'The Herd' and the interview turned ugly when Ball went after Leahy. When Leahy asked Ball about how many shoes he's sold thus far, he responded by saying, "stay in your lane."


It didn't stop there, as Ball didn't apologize instead opting to get more defensive and even said, "If you act like that something's coming to you."

Here's the clip:

That was wrong and horrible on a multitude of levels, but what has happened since is even worse, as Leahy says she's received death threats since the show. On Thursday, she went on offense, and asked that shows stop bringing on Ball as a guest. She made her comments on The Herd.

"I think the reason so many networks choose have him on is because he says a lot of controversial things. He's loud and a big personality, which I've been totally fine with. But I hope that yesterday showed who he is and that we stop putting him on all these networks just to get controversial statements out of him because that is potentially what can happen. I think there's no place for that in TV -- no matter what kind of ratings you're going to get."

She's right.