These fans give us yet another reason not to rush the court

In a game between Sioux Falls (S.D.) and Winona State the score was 58-56 in favor of State. Sioux Falls senior Taylor Varsho stepped out and hit a huge and insanely deep three-pointer to win the game. Or so the crowd thought. It seemed like the buzzer went off, but there was actually a few tenths of a second left in the game.

Because it was Sioux Falls fans who rushed the court, Winona State was actually granted two free throws thanks to a technical foul. Here's the full explanation from the AP:

"After reviewing the play, officials not only put fractions of a second back on the clock, but they called a technical foul on USF for fan interference. Winona State's Alexis Foley hit both free throws, and the Warriors escaped Sioux Falls with a 60-59 Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference victory."

And this is why teams should consider not allowing court storming. It can not only cost your team a game, but it just looks tacky, guys.