These Kentucky fans celebrated their wedding in the coolest way possible

Usually when two people get married it's because they share ideas, beliefs, and other things in common. Well, this couple feels very strongly about Kentucky basketball.

That's right. This couple had their wedding the night before, but decided to show up to the Kentucky vs South Carolina game in full wedding garb. That's some serious dedication to the game. Of course, there were those who were astounded that anyone would do this.

There were those who asked the obvious question.

According to the Courier Journal, Burgett's uncle gave them the tickets and she had planned to wear her wedding dress from the start.  "I said I'm going to wear my wedding dress," the 37-year said. "He (Burgett's uncle) said 'go for it.' He's had these season tickets for years." The couple brought a sign that read: "Just married. Honeymooning with the Cats." They even brought wedding favors (hot chocolate mix with marshmallows) for other fans in their section.

Big Blue Nation does not play around when it comes to basketball.