This high school coach head-butted a ref because he's insane

Neshaminy High School (Pennsylvania) and Pennsbury High were playing on Tuesday night when Neshaminy coach Jerry Devine appeared to head-butt an official and was ejected from the game.

WBCB broadcaster Chris Ermer explained how he saw the situation unfold, per's Jeff Goodman:

The coach went crazy. He came out and made contact with the official and took him off his feet. He was indicating with his body language that he didn't mean to do it. I think he intended to get in the guy's chest. But as he did it, he was off balance and went down. You can't say he didn't intend to make contact, but I don't think he was trying to head-butt the ref.

Devine is in his 18th year of teaching and 10th year of coaching according to the high school's website. According to NBC Philadelphia's David Chang, police responded to a call regarding a disturbance. It is not clear if charges will be filed against Devine for his actions that were clearly caught on tape.


[h/t Bleacher Report]