USC gets a gift from the Pac-12 refs on this controversial call

Pac-12 refs are at it again.

Utah might have a legitimate gripe on this call during their game against USC.

In the second quarter, the Utes appeared to have forced their fourth fumble of the half thanks to a big hit on USC quarterback Sam Darnold. Unfortunately for Utah, the ruling on the field was an incomplete pass, which held on review after Utah was actually forced to challenge before USC got a play off.

On replay, it is a close call, but it looks like the ball may be coming loose before Darnold's arm starts coming forward. At the very least, it was very awkward that this was called incomplete on the field and that Utah was forced to use a timeout and challenge in order to have the play reviewed.


The ruling of incomplete was significant as it prevented Utah from getting the ball back in USC territory. Instead, the Trojans marched right down the field on a rather impressive drive to score a touchdown to take a 14-10 lead.

USC held a 17-10 lead at half after tacking on a field goal.