Florida and Kentucky players get into a scuffle.
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Eight Players Ejected After Florida-Kentucky Scuffle at SEC Women's Tournament

We had fireworks at the SEC Women's Basketball Tournament as a scuffle broke out between the Florida Gators and Kentucky Wildcats that resulted in eight players being ejected.

Kentucky's Ajae Petty shoved the ball in the face of Florida's Tatyana Wyche after a UK basket gave the 'Cats a 22-14 lead in the second quarter during the first-round matchup at Bon Secours Wellness Arena in Greenville, South Carolina. Wyche then fired the ball in Petty's direction and charged at her, leading to a team scuffle along the benches.

Eight Players Ejected After Scuffle Between Florida and Kentucky

Following a 22-minute delay during which referees sorted out the incident, eight players in total were ejected, four from each team. Wyche and Petty were both ejected after the altercation.

The scuffle also reportedly left Kentucky assistant coach Jen Hoover knocked over as well.

The ejections left both teams shorthanded, but Kentucky went on to beat Florida 72-57 to advance in the tournament. UK's Robyn Benton, who finished with 20 points, did the Gator Chomp motion with her arms after drilling the final 3-pointer. Something tells me this bad blood isn't dried up just yet.

Whoever said women's basketball was boring was dead wrong.

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