Caitlin Clark shoots a free throw while Lisa Bluder yells.
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images (left), Photo by Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images (right)

Iowa Coach Blasts Nebraska Over Caitlin Clark Controversy: 'This Is Bulls**t!'

Amid Caitlin Clark's scoring record pursuit, Iowa coach Lisa Bluder didn't hold back after an upset loss to Nebraska.

Caitlin Clark's chase for Kelsey Plum's NCAA women's basketball all-time scoring record will come to a close soon, as she scored 31 points in Iowa's 82-79 upset loss to Nebraska in Lincoln to bring her within eight points of the record.

But attention was taken away from that chase after Sunday's game when Iowa coach Lisa Bluder voiced her displeasure with Nebraska for a multitude of reasons.

Late in the game, a sad-trombone sound was played inside Pinnacle Bank Arena after Clark missed a free throw. She then missed the next one. You can hear the sound below:

Clark didn't score the entire fourth quarter, and Nebraska walked away with a huge win over a top 5 team.

After the game, audio of Bluder caught her unleashing on a Nebraska official for the music being played during Clark's free throws. It came awkwardly while Nebraska players were speaking to media — something Bluder was also not happy about, as the visiting team usually speaks to the media first.

"You've gotta be kidding. We got a flight to catch. This is bulls**t. This is not Big Ten protocol!" she shouted. "They play music while you shoot free throws."

Amie Just of the Lincoln Journal Star provided a different perspective, though. She said Iowa was told they could have the media room when they showed up, but Bluder "lost her mind" when they arrived.

As for Clark, she responded to the free throw music by saying she didn't notice.

What do you think? Was the music played a simple case of home-court advantage, or did Bluder have a point?

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