BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - DECEMBER 20: Head coach Kim Mulkey of the LSU Lady Tigers watches the game against the Coppin State Eagles at Coppin State University on December 20, 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland.
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Kim Mulkey Rode the Excuse Train After Being Outcoached By Dawn Staley

Heading into Thursday nights matchup against the South Carolina Gamecocks, the LSU Tigers women's basketball team were underdogs, and after their loss, their head coach Kim Mulkey provided some explanations on them falling short.

According to Matt Dowell of WACH FOX, Mulkey said, "that team has been in these situations. My team hasn't" on ESPN.

He followed up on her quote saying, "But I don't think that's true. South Carolina is an incredibly young team that lost all their experience. LSU is the one with starters from their national championship team in this game."

The Tigers lost 76-70 at home, dropping to 18-3 on the season. The Gamecocks and head coach Dawn Staley are now 18-0.

Needless to say, fans on X had their opinions regarding her comments.

"Not her making excuses because she got out coached and her players don't have that dawg in them like they thought," someone said.

"Exactly and the babies took another huge step in growing up tonight. Facing that crowd and all of the hype will payoff big down the road during the tournament," another user wrote.

"She had me talking to myself after that one. What situation? Being ahead of the #1 team? They had 2 losses already so it ain't like they haven't played through adversity this year. Super weird comment," another user stated.

"If we're honest SC new players didnt really have a good game but they still won. Sorry but Kim's team is experienced, had the home crowd, n was hot dog'n...n show boating most of the game...dont try it now," a user said about Mulkey's comments.

"She trippin'. I agree. This is almost a whole new team. Most of this team didn't even have starter minutes. LSU is the team with tons of NCAA experience," someone said, disagreeing with her stance. 

"Exactly. LSU is definitely more experienced. For the Gamecocks to come into that environment, get down by double digits, and still come back to win is amazing," someone else said, piling on with the disagreements. 

"The roster for LSU has only been healthy 9 games were as others 16-18 games in. It was a tough loss but LSU will be the only team to challenge South Carolina," another person said.

The Tigers next suit up

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