LSU locker room
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LSU Women’s Basketball’s New Locker Room Is Absurd

The defending national champion LSU women's basketball team just unveiled its brand-new locker room — and it's fit for queens. 

According to photos the program posted on social media, the Tigers' new locker room includes fresh locker spaces, a refurbished film room, vanity desks, sleek lounge space (including a gigantic couch), a massive painting by a local artist and a pair of purple, tiger-print love seats — among many other features that will keep Tiger women's basketball players entertained and comfortable for years to come.

LSU's board of supervisors approved the construction for the privately funded locker room — which apparently cost $1.5 million — back in June, just two months after LSU won the 2023 NCAA Division 1 women's basketball championship. Considering that it only took about five months to put this locker room masterpiece together, it's incredible how gorgeous it turned out. 

Funding for "The Juneau Locker Room," as LSU's new digs are now called, was provided entirely by Jerry and Roselyn Juneau,  two Tiger Athletic Foundation donors. 

While this immaculate new locker room is a promising start, Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey expects more renovations to come soon. In April, Mulkey — fresh off her national championship victory — asserted that LSU either needs to build a new basketball arena or renovate the current Pete Maravich Assembly Center (PMAC), which has been LSU basketball's home for 51 years.  

"I'm not a visionary when it comes to thinking about a building," Mulkey said. "I just know we need to upgrade. We don't need to put a coat of paint on it. It's time to either completely renovate it or build one next to it and tear that one down."

The PMAC requires a lot of renovation work. Ceiling tiles are peeling in several places, the outer walkway has numerous stains where water has seeped through, and the whole place generally looks dingy and tired. In other words, the PMAC is certainly not up to a national championship team's standards. 

Mulkey's quote came before LSU's locker room was approved and built; so after seeing her team's new headquarters, Mulkey is most likely satisfied — for now.

One would imagine that Mulkey's other renovation requests will soon be granted. When winners ask, they should receive. 

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