Caitlin Clark celebrates breaking the women's college scoring record.
Photo by Matthew Holst/Getty Images

Michigan's Controversial Gesture to Caitlin Clark Angered Some Fans

Michigan players are being called out for a thoughtful gesture to Caitlin Clark before she broke the scoring record against them.

On Thursday night, Iowa Hawkeyes superstar Caitlin Clark broke the NCAA Division I women's basketball scoring record, and Michigan Wolverines players wrote a note to her with praise.

However, some fans aren't happy with Michigan for doing that.

Headed into the game, Clark needed just eight points to break the record previously held by Kelsey Plum.
She hit a three-pointer from well beyond the arch to break the record and finished the night with a career-high 49 points.

Of course, this game was against Michigan, but it was in Iowa. The Hawkeyes won 106-89.

Holly Rowe of ESPN reported that Michigan players penned a note for Clark before the game.

While Rowe viewed it as class, fans had a different perspective, including thinking they conceded the record to Clark before the game even started.

"Class? No, she had them in a loser mindset before the game. Go out there and make sure she does not get it, or go out there and make it the toughest 8," one user said.

"I'm not even hating. This is the weakest most loser participation trophy ass shit I've ever read. COMPETE. PLAY TOUGH. Tf we writing love letters for," another user said with colorful language.

"Writing your opponent a note before she breaks the all-time scoring record against you? Wack. I mean, you might as well forfeit the game before it's played while you're at it," someone else said.

Of course, some fans supported the sentiment.

"This right here is why I love women's basketball. And to all of the critics saying this made @umichwbball less competitive - it's entirely achievable to be both classy and tough at the same time," someone said in support of Michigan.

"Major W and class Act @umichwbball way to represent the BIG y"all have so much heart on your team!" someone else said in support.

The Hawkeyes will be on the road in their next game on Thursday, Feb. 22, against Indiana, and fans of the team are wondering if Clark will be heading to the WNBA or staying another year.

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