Amway Coaches Poll Week 13: Here's where we stand before the final week of the regular season

The newest Coaches Poll is here!

After several weeks of chaos, college football has finally calmed down a bit.

Following a tepid Week 12 of action, the entire Top 10 in the Coaches Poll remains unchanged. Serious, the entire Top 10 is exactly the same as it was last week.

The only major change is Oklahoma State dropping down eight spots in the poll after their 45-40 loss to Kansas State on Saturday. That drop might be generous, too, as Kansas State was leading by 29 points at one point during the game.

The full Coaches Poll is below:

1. Alabama (64)
2. Miami
3. Clemson
4. Wisconsin
5. Oklahoma
6. Auburn
7. Georgia
8. Ohio State
9. Notre Dame
10. USC
11. Penn State
12. UCF
13. TCU
14. Washington
15. Washington State
16. Memphis
17. Mississippi State
18. LSU
19. USF
20. Stanford
21. Oklahoma State
22. Michigan State
23. Northwestern
24. Boise State
25. Virginia Tech