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Rice Is Changing College Football With Their Gummy Worm Guy

The Rice Owls football team is 4-3 this season, fifth in the American Athletic Conference, and we believe we've found the culprit for helping lead the Owls to their best start since 2015—their gummy worm guy.

Here, look at this clip below to understand what we mean.

With a tucked-in shirt, an all-navy blue outfit, and black gloves to sift through the gummy worm bag, there appears to be a gentleman responsible for dispersing gummy worms to the team.

In the clip, Mr. Gummy Worm Man gives some to defensive end Demone Green and runs back Dean Connors. After giving each of them gummy worms from a gigantic bag, he looks around briefly, then turns back toward the field.

You can hear the fan recording the whole situation, chuckling.

Naturally, we need to check in on the stats of these players consuming the gummy worms.

  • Green: He's played 73 pass-rushing snaps. He has five pressures and two sacks.
  • Connors: 50 carries, 300 yards, six yards per attempt, four touchdowns, eight 10+ yard runs.

Given the snaps they've played as backups at their respective positions, they're producing some solid statistics.

As one user wrote in response to the clip, perhaps this luscious treat has some special electrolytes.

"Electrolyte gummy worms with Himalayan pink salt," the user wrote.

"Gloved up and everything. This has been premeditated for weeks." another user wrote.

And that's a fair point—this ensemble didn't happen accidentally. This is a calculated part of the game plan.

This season, the Owls are led by quarterback J.T. Daniels.

Daniels has played for USC, Georgia, and West Virginia. Now, he's with Rice in his first season.
This season, he's completing 63.8 percent of his passes for 2,162 yards, 17 touchdowns and five interceptions. They're two wins away from being bowl-eligible.

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