Bobby Bowden does Reddit AMA, kills it.

You might have been wondering what Bobby Bowden has been up to since retiring and handing over the reins to Jimbo Fisher. Well, apparently he does Reddit AMAs. For the uninitiated, that means he talked to a bunch of random dudes on the internet and answered most of their questions, no matter how ridiculous they seemed.

Bowden AMA Grits

He also doled out some important life lessons.

Bowden AMA life advice

And he even talked about a lasting legacy he hopes to leave on the school and those who knew him.

Bowden Legacy

Of course the entire AMA session is available to see, but those are the highlights as well as this nugget about what he thinks of social media and how that has affected some of these recruits.

Bowden AMA recruiting

There's not enough time to go through the whole thing, but hopefully you enjoyed the juicy stuff. Stay tuned for more throughout the season!