Chad Morris has a message for his offense

When Clemson coaches took to the podium today to address the media, offensive coordinator Chad Morris might have been the most vocal about his expectations for his offensive unit.

He was upset with the offense in the second half. He told his players that if they were going to come to practice moping and upset about Saturday's loss, then they were going to be a part of the problem.

After getting that out of the way, he broke down some of the offense and why it stalled late in the game. He specifically talked about how it was a tale of two halves and that the team needs to be more focused.

"We had a high level of execution through the first 50 plays. But we would like to play more than 50 plays if we could... We had a couple of minor things that stalled some drives. We had a couple of drops, and had what I thought was going to be an 89-yard touchdown pass right down the middle of the field that we dropped."

Morris was really disappointed an offensive line that had a ton of missed assignments.

"We had 31 missed assignments and it's hard to beat anybody with 10 missed assignments, much less 31. We can't have that...We would have a missed assignment or miss a read and it snowballed on us."

The coordinator also talked about his conservative play calling in the second half.

"...there are always plays you look back as a coach and say I wish we would have done that. But you don't want to do anything that puts your defense in a bad spot. It was more field position than anything at all. We didn't want to do anything to hamstring ourselves in that environment."

Fortunately, Morris will have this week against South Carolina State to work out the offensive kinks and make sure everyone is on the same page. He didn't say whether freshman quarterback, Deshaun Watson, would see the field again this weekend, but it seems he is on track to do so. Both Morris and Dabo Swinney praised quarterback Cole Stoudt for his performance.