Clemson OC makes UK basketball comparison to Bama's D-Line

Clemson and Alabama will meet up in Glendale, Arizona on Monday and it might turn into a defensive battle. The Crimson Tide held Michigan State scoreless in the Cotton Bowl and have one of the biggest defensive lines in the country. All-SEC first team guys like A'Shawn Robinson and Jonathan Allen anchor the line, but they have plenty of other big bodies to throw at you from the bench too.

Clemson co-offensive coordinator Jeff Scott will have to figure out a game plan to stop these guys from penetrating his offensive line. When he was searching for a comparison for that defensive line he came up with something from a completely different sport.

"That combination is exactly what you would draw up for a defensive line. They've got big guys, they've got quick feet, they're very powerful, they do a great job of using their hands. And I think the biggest thing is the depth. Typically at most colleges they roll the next group in there and they're good solid players. This group of linemen reminds me of last year's Kentucky basketball team. When they roll in the second group, they're just as good as the first group. So that'll definitely be a challenge for our guys up front every play."

I'm sure coach John Calipari will be the first to tell you that those guys weren't all that good —- even though half that team went to the NBA Draft —- but they were pretty big and quick.

Scott is hoping that a quick tempo and running a lot of plays will help to wear those big boys down as that was the key against Oklahoma. "Tempo will be a big thing for us," Scott said. "We were really pleased getting 90 plays against Oklahoma. Our goal is 80 plays and so that was a big part and I think we did successfully wear them down."

The game is set for kickoff at 8:30 p.m. on Monday.


[h/t SEC Country]