Clemson offensive line has some chemistry and it all started with facial hair

Clemson offensive lineman Kalon Davis showed up to his media meetings on Monday in one of the best t-shirts we'll see this season.

Beard Gang 2

The "Beard Gang" got its start in fall camp when the offensive line was umaking jokes, but actually stumbled onto a brilliant plan to create some chemistry. Center Ryan Norton described how it all got started and how it stays alive today.

"I think we were all just joking around," Norton said. "Me, Eric Mac Lain, Kalon Davis and Tyrone Crowder were all growing beards and Spencer Region. So Mac would get us all to take a picture and then he'd post it on twitter with #BeardGang.

"Then we had guys on the team asking us, 'How can I get in on that? And we said well you have to grow a beard. Then you got guys like Maverick Morris who can't grow a beard, so we have a pretty good time with that. It's kind of a way for us to poke fun at each other. It gives us something in common."

It might be a little hard to recognize the Beard Gang with helmets on during the game, but you'll know when you see them on the sidelines this weekend against Syracuse.