Clemson player returns a punt for a TD only to make the most boneheaded move of the game

That is not exactly a smart play.

Clemson desperately needed a positive play before halftime against Troy as the Tigers were only leading 13-10. They got exactly that as Ray Ray McCloud returned a Troy punt for 74 yards all the way to the goal line...until he didn't. He thought he was being cool by dropping the ball as he entered the end zone, but actually dropped it before breaking the plane. So instead of going up 20-10 to end the half, the Tigers are still only up 13-10.

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Here's the play in its entirety:

And a slower look as he crosses the goal line:

Here's a photo of it as well for another look:

That's just a boneheaded move and there's no reason to throw the ball away at all near the end zone. You know what's cool? Keeping the ball and actually scoring a touchdown.