Clemson to receive waiver for longer practice times

Clemson applied for a waiver to extend the practice time it would get under the NCAA's 20-hour limit rule. There would have been a huge discrepancy between the Tigers and Crimson Tide since Alabama doesn't start classes until the 13th of the month —- two days after the game.

TigerNet also says that Clemson officials have received word from the NCAA and have gotten the green light to extend practices. Clemson requested permission to exceed the daily-hour limitation on a very limited basis and for student-athletes to miss class Thursday afternoon with professor approval.

"We're appreciative of the NCAA working with us in granting this waiver to assist in our preparations for next Monday's game while maintaining our commitment to student-athlete welfare," Director of Athletics Dan Radakovich said. "As Coach Swinney pointed out, this was not going to be a big difference maker in our team's schedule, but it's great they've reached a solution that prioritizes the well-being of our student-athletes while allowing them to adequately prepare for the National Championship."

Now there won't be anything that fans can use as an excuse for an advantage for either team. This may also set a precedent for future games where schools start up classes before the big game so that could make this a pretty big decision.