Dabo almost destroyed the refs for one of the worst calls of the year

He had every right to get mad too.

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney was already tense in the third quarter with his team holding on to a six-point lead, but when the refs made a pretty egregious call against his favorite linebacker in Ben Boulware he was absolutely livid. Boulware made a tackle that any other linebacker would make and played through the whistle in a pretty loud environment at Death Valley.

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It seems the refs blew the whistle while he was in the middle of tackling an offensive player and was immediately flagged because he finished the tackle. You can imagine Swinney was not happy with that. He absolutely lit up the refs and surprisingly wasn't called for a penalty himself.

He was still going at the refs on the next play too.

You can make the judgment for yourself, but it looks to me like Swinney had every right to be mad considering how common that play is in the game and that the ref who threw the flag almost stared down Boulware after the play.