Dabo goes off on reporter who mentions 'Clemsoning'

For whatever reason Clemson has gained a reputation as a team that can't win "the big game" or that it gets that win and then loses the next one to an inferior opponent —- called "Clemsoning." One reporter asked about this phenomenon during Dabo Swinney's postgame press conference after the Georgia Tech win and he absolutely lost it.

He noted that Clemson has 33 straight wins against unranked opponents and totally lit this guy up. He said, "It's a lack of respect. It's not doing your homework and paying attention to reality is. I should not be asked that question. Period!"

Swinney kept going about how this team has earned everything it's gotten and that nobody has given them anything and he definitely got worked up about it because he had some sweat rolling down his face in his nice suit. Hopefully that guy learned his lesson; never ever upset Swinney like that or mention "Clemsoning" again.