Dabo Swinney doesn't care about practice time

Dabo Swinney is a beautiful quote/pizza party/dancing machine that should never quit. When he went on ESPN's Mike and Mike show he gave us another great quote. It was in regards to practice time as his team will be limited to the NCAA 20-hour limit while Alabama will have as much time to practice as it pleases.

The Crimson Tide student-athletes don't start classes back up until January 13th —- two days after the game —- so they are not held back by any NCAA restrictions. However, Swinney doesn't believe a limited amount of time to practice will determine who wins this game.

Just keep in mind that Ohio State didn't have a limit on its practice time last year and beat Oregon handily for the national championship 42-20. There's nothing wrong with a candid Dabo because that's when he's at his best.