Dabo Swinney explains Miami halftime speech

Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney explained why he kept the team out on the field for a little longer before going back into the locker room.

If you watched the Miami-Clemson game this weekend then you saw the Dabo Swinney halftime speech about playing with class. However, we didn't catch the reason he decided to give that speech out in the open rathern than in the privacy of the locker room. When speaking with the media on Tuesday, Swinney gave us an explanation.

For clarification, there is only one tunnel that leads to both locker rooms so the teams would have gone at the same time if he hadn't held his Tigers back.

There was some pre-game extracurricular activity so that was probably a good call by Dabo. He also talked about wanting to "kill his opponent" so that's fun.

I'm sure the Tigers could have done some damage in that tunnel to some Canes players, but the suspensions and bad rap is just not worth it.


[h/t CollegeSpun]