Deshaun Watson has a surprising endorsement for Heisman

There have been a ton of people saying they would vote for Clemson quarterback as their Heisman and there's been a heated debate about it. Well, you might know that former Heisman winners get a vote in the process and Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is one of them. He's pretty high on his "little brother" Deshaun.

"That's my little brother, man. I've seen Deshaun grow," Newton said Wednesday. "When I first met Deshaun he was in 11th grade and he was on my all-star team. He was always eager. He was like a sponge. Quiet, but yet always looking to see how he could make his game better. For me to see him playing down the road at Clemson, it's great."

And it sounds like Watson might be expecting to get at least that one vote. "When you see a kid that you nurtured for so long and now he's making a big impact in college football, it's kind of a big deal. Potentially a Heisman Trophy winner, hopefully," Newton said of Watson. "I'm pretty sure he's looking at this saying I better get (Newton's) vote."
I guess we'll see come December how many votes Watson gets because he will definitely be heading to New York for the presentation.