Clemson fake punt
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Clemson Is Getting Roasted for Awful Fake Punt Decision vs Georgia Tech

The Dabo Swinney jokes aren't going to stop any time soon, especially after Clemson's mind-boggling decision to run a fake punt on Saturday against Georgia Tech.

The Clemson Tigers are not having a season to remember. Clemson is not yet bowl eligible, and things could be unraveling as Dabo Swinney is verbally attacking radio callers and hoping that Clemson loses a few games to lighten up the bandwagon. Swinney made another questionable call today, as Clemson went for it on 4th and 9 on their 20-yard line.

Clemson lined up in punt formation against Georgia Tech midway through the first quarter. As the punt team ran downfield, Clemson's punter took the snap and ran toward the Georgia Tech sideline trying to get a first down. Despite the insane call to go for a 4th and 9 on their 20-yard line, Georgia Tech's defense was not fooled by the fake punt, and the Yellow Jackets swarmed to tackle the punter short of the first down marker.

Georgia Tech is coming off back-to-back wins over North Carolina and Virginia. Both Clemson and Georgia Tech could become bowl-eligible with a win today. Analytics have convinced coaches to go for fourth downs more often in recent years, but making that decision on their 20-yard line could definitely be called into question. Dabo Swinney might get another unfavorable phone call from Tyler in Spartanburg if Clemson struggles or loses to Georgia Tech, and the criticism would start with questionable fourth-down calls in this ball game.

Clemson went for fourth down again after the missed fake punt, but it was a more traditional call, as Clemson was on Georgia Tech's side of the field, and instead of running a fake kick, Clemson just lined up their offense and had quarterback Cade Klubnik throw a pass on fourth and 7. Dabo Swinney's job is already being questioned, and the noise will get even louder if Clemson continues to struggle this season, or worse, fails to meet bowl eligibility requirements.

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