One reporter was dumb enough to ask Dabo about Clemsoning...again

Most of the beat writers who follow Clemson know better than to ask about "Clemsoning" —- this poor guy found out the hard way. Gene Frenette from the Florida Times-Union is clearly not in the know as he just had to ask the question.

"Coach Swinney I am sure you have made reference to it in the past to what is obviously a derisive term when people use the term Clemsoning. Given this is probably going to be your fifth straight 10 win season, you have an ACC Championship in your hip pocket. Do you think that term should be passe or do you think it is going to require another win over Florida State for any anti-Clemson faction to get rid of that term from their vocabulary?"

Oh his poor mouth doesn't know what trouble it caused. Swinney did not take the question very well and pretty much took it as a personal affront on him and his team.

"The last thing I am worried about is some anti-Clemson faction. It's really a shame you asked me the question. If Florida State beats us this week it just means they are better than us. It means they made more plays than us. There is no shame in losing a ballgame. I don't know why yourself and other people out there have to ask these questions that hold us to a higher standard. We are proud of who we are and how we have done things. So let's move on to another question. We are focused on beating Florida State. We are not worried about some Anti-Clemson (faction). I don't know why people keep asking questions like this. Next question."

And that's why you do your research, kids. Clemson faces No. 17 Florida State on Saturday at 3:30 p.m. so we'll see what "Clemsoning" really means after that.